Workplace Education Services for Employers

Do you have skill gaps and retention issues in your company?

ABEA is the adult learning network in Hamilton. We work closely with adult upgrading and training programs across the city to help people plan and navigate their education and training options.

A successful employee is more likely to stay on the job and reduce your employee turn over. But sometimes skills gaps in communication, math or digital technology get in the way.

Through an organizational needs assessment we can create a customized training plan to increase your employees’ skills now and for the future.

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What’s an Organizational Needs Assessment?

An organizational needs assessment is a collaborative process where we

  • learn about your workplace
  • ask you some guided questions around your training needs
  • gather information and feedback from employees from across the company
  • propose possible training solutions

We can consult with you about specific skills upgrading needs for your workplace.  This could include

  • digital skills
  • communication skills
  • math skills
  • skills like problem solving, collaboration and adaptability

We can also help build educational pathway plans for individuals or teams that can include

  • skills upgrading
  • training
  • apprenticeship
  • post-secondary

Maybe you’re

  • implementing new digital technologies now or in the near future
  • adapting job tasks to include more duties that require more advanced reading, writing and math skills like completing logs, forms, reports or calculations
  • interested in adapting your current materials (policies, procedures, etc.) to be clear and easy to use for all employees
  • preparing workers for future training or career pathways within your company

We know that retention is a key priority for businesses.  A successful employee is more likely to stay on the job and reduce your employee turn over.  Targeted upgrading can be one tool to help you retain workers by helping them meet increased skills demands and build their capacity for growth in the company.

We partner with you to use your business as the foundation for skill-building.  Your employees can get customized training to increase their skills, abilities and capacity for growth in your company.

Investing in learning helps your business grow and helps your employees feel valued.  You are part of our community, and your success is our business.

This Employment Ontario program is funded in part by the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario.