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Validity and Impact of Centralized Assessment (2013)

Centralized or common assessment refers to a model in which individuals have their learning and skills needs assessed at a “neutral” agency and are then referred to other specific organizations and programs for education or training. This report presents the evaluation results of a pilot project delivered by 3 Ontario learning networks in the field of Literacy and Basic Skills.

Workplace Essential Skills Toolkit: A Tool for Learning Networks and Employers (2008-2009)

This website was developed to help Learning Networks implement brokering services for workplace education programs, as well as help employers understand the need and how to go about attaining Essential Skills in the workplace.  For more details please contact

Canadian and World Research on Assessment Practices for Adult Learners (2007-2008)

Project READ’s project explored various assessment practices in relation to adult programming. Topics examined include assessment practices related to literacy upgrading, English as a Second Language training, high school completion or equivalent, post-secondary studies, apprenticeship, pre-employment, and workplace-based programs.

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