Adult Learner Conference – March 1-5, 2021

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To attend, you will need an Internet connection and a device (computer, tablet or phone).  Click on the meeting link at the day/time of the session.  All sessions will use Microsoft Teams.  You don’t need a Teams account to attend.  When you click on the link it will open a tab in your Internet browser.  It will give you options to attend online or through your Teams application (if you have it).  If you have any questions or need any support, please connect with us.

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Session Schedule – Quick View (see below for descriptions)

Date 10 – 11 am 1 – 2 pm
Mon, Mar 1 Learning Online Getting Your Grade 12 Diploma
Tues, Mar 2 Welcome to City School by Mohawk Budgeting
Wed, Mar 3 Job Seeker Info Session Trivia – Jeopardy
Thurs, Mar 4 What is a Skilled Trades Apprenticeship?  Apprenticeship 101 Getting Your GED – Everything You Need to Know
Fri, Mar 5 How to Manage Your Mental Health in a Virtual World LinkedIn – Where Do I Start?

Session Schedule – Details

Mon, Mar 1 (10 – 11 am) – Learning Online (slide deck)

Presenter        Megan Perry, St. Charles Adult & Continuing Education Centres

This is a general introduction to learning online.  You’ll get information about what you can expect when you participate in virtual learning.

You will learn about

  • various video conferencing platforms (Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype etc.) and how we can use these to support our learning
  • online safety
  • various ways to attend meetings
  • additional features available – to demonstrate these features, we’ll use Microsoft Teams
  • learning management systems (LMS)

Mon, Mar 1 (1 – 2 pm) – Getting Your Grade 12 Diploma (slide deck)

Presenters       David Grilli, Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board

      Emina Kovacevic, Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board

We will talk about all programs that we offer as well as

  • the registration process during COVID
  • PLAR (Prior Learning and Recognition) process
  • the transition from ESL to Academic Upgrading to Credit

Tues, Mar 2 (10 – 11 am) – Welcome to City School by Mohawk (slide deck)

Presenter        Catherine Maracle, City School by Mohawk

Have you ever thought about trying out college?  City School by Mohawk has free courses and workshops in the community.  These are a stepping stone to post-secondary and employment.  City School gives you the opportunity to try college for free in a welcoming and small classroom environment.  Join in to see what City School can do for you!  Check out the City School course flyer for Spring and Summer 2021.

Tues, Mar 2 (1 – 2 pm) – Budgeting (handout)

Presenter        Rick Doelle, Hamilton Literacy Council

Can you afford not to have a budget?  Not having a budget has hidden costs.  What is it costing you?

In this session you will find out

  • what a budget can do for you
  • how to make your own budget
  • how to use tips to make budgeting easier and make it work for you

Want to learn more?  The Hamilton Literacy Council will be running a Financial Literacy program at the end of March.  For more information call 905-529-9907 or email ac.sdaernotlimahnull@ofni

Wed, Mar 3 (10 – 11 am) – Job Seeker Info Session (slide deck)

Presenter        Peter Lesser, Goodwill Career Centre

Attend our virtual information session and find out about free job search programs including Career Exploration and Job Search Assistance.  Why job search alone when an Employment Ontario funded service provider can help make your journey easier?  There will be time for questions and we can follow up with you individually after the session.

Wed, Mar 3 (1 – 2 pm) – Trivia – Jeopardy

Presenter        Michael Adebo, Adult Basic Education Association

     Jeimy Martinez-Sorto, Adult Basic Education Association

Join us for a fun session of trivia by playing Jeopardy!  Questions could be pop culture, sports, history, you name it – it might be there!  And there’s a prize for the winner!

Thurs, Mar 4 (10 – 11 am) – What is a Skilled Trades Apprenticeship?  Apprenticeship 101 (slide deck)

Presenter        Louise Stallings, Marshall School of Skilled Trades and Apprenticeship

Learn about

  • apprenticeship
  • 4 Trade Sectors/Trade Classifications
  • Pathways
  • making connections for next steps

Thurs, Mar 4 (1 – 2 pm) – Getting Your GED – Everything You Need to Know (slide deck)

Presenter        Michael Adebo, Adult Basic Education Association

Thinking of getting your GED?  This session will cover

  • what the GED is and if it’s right for you
  • what subjects are included and scoring
  • how to prepare
  • how to book your test

Fri, Mar 5 (10 – 11) – How to Manage Your Mental Health in a Virtual World (slide deck)

Presenter        Jill Dennison, Mental Health Promotion and Resilience Facilitators, Canadian Mental Health Association, Hamilton

In this session, there will be an overview of mental health and mental illness.  We’ll also talk about stress and what this looks like during a pandemic.  A large focus will be on building resiliency and providing resources.

Fri, Mar 5 (1 – 2) – LinkedIn – Where Do I Start? (slide deck)

Presenters       Brianna Rideout and Alan Gollom, VPI Working Solutions – Hamilton is the world’s largest social media site.  Its focus is networking for work.  But it can be intimidating to know where to start.  In this session you will learn about

  • developing your LinkedIn profile
  • getting the most out of the platform with tips and tricks
  • using LinkedIn Learning

After the session we hope that you’ll feel more confident to use LinkedIn to help with your employment goals.

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