Your Local Adult Learning Network for Pathway Planning

We’re your first stop when it comes to planning and finding the right program for your goals.

Our mission – People in Hamilton will have a better quality of life through lifelong learning.

As a learning network, we don’t deliver any programs.  Instead, we help you navigate the various options out there.

Do you need to upgrade your skills to get a job? Or, do you have educational goals and you don’t know where to start?

We can discuss your options and help you develop a plan that is right for you!  There are free adult upgrading programs across the city.

Call us today! 905-527-2222

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Are You an Apprentice or Recent Journeyperson? We Want to Interview You!

We’re working with the McMaster Research Shop to explore common challenges and barriers faced by apprentices.  This research will help us identify ways to support apprentices in Ontario through adult education programming.

Interviews will be in around 30 minutes using Zoom.

The 1st 30 participants will get a $25 virtual gift card.

If interested, please contact Leah – email (pathways2@abea.on.ca), phone (905-527-2222 ext. 3) or text (289-275-1685).

Participation is entirely voluntary.  Any information shared during the interview will be kept strictly confidential.  The data collected will be used solely for research purposes and will be anonymized to ensure privacy.

Check out our flyer.

ABEA’s Adult Learner Spotlight Series

The Adult Learner Conference is now our Spotlight Series!
Join us for these free, online sessions!  Attend as many sessions as you like.
This year ABEA is hosting a series of 8 spotlight sessions for adult learners throughout the year.  Each session is 1 hour with topics chosen by adult learners in Hamilton.
This Employment Ontario program is funded in part by the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario.